Application Background and Credit Check

The attached form will be used, in part, to evaluate the suitability of your application to rent the apartment you are applying for. The majority of the screening process will be done by a national screening service, TransUnion, which will verify your background and financial data and render a Landlord’s report for Eagle Gear, Inc. To get the process started the Landlord will initiate the background on the rental property by submitting your email address to TransUnion. TransUnion will then send you an email inviting you to submit the required data input – the entire transaction is handled between you (the prospective renter) and the screening company and then a suitability report is generated for the Landlord.

Go to
then click on the “Renters” tab and select the training video “View how it works”. Do not initiate any action until you receive an email from the screening company that the Landlord has initiated the process. Once you notify the Landlord he will fill out the landlord portion of the process and the automated checks will be in progress. TransUnion will contact you by email so that you can privately enter the data required for a credit, employment and criminal background check. You will pay TransUnion directly for their report (about $30.00 US) – this will supplant the $40 manual application fee. The report generated will include all or part of the following:

 Credit Check/Report for Tenant (with Credit Score)
 Nationwide Criminal Records Search
 Bankruptcies
 Foreclosures
 Medical Collections
 Employment Summary
 Known Aliases
 Past Address History
 Eviction Records

You will also need to complete the application form below for the Landlord’s records and you will need to reply in the affirmative that the sharing of your and your